John Mercuri

Broker + eXpansion Partner

Award Winning Real Estate Broker In Simcoe County + York Region

About John Mercuri

Award-Winning Residential and Commercial Broker | eXp Realty eXpansion Partner | Certified Negotiations Expert | Family Man | Natural Born Empath | Grillmaster Extraordinaire

John’s uniquely consultative and transparent approach to assisting his clients to achieve their real estate goals has not only earned him many heartwarming testimonials but also many of his clients trusted referrals - a privilege and honor that will never be taken for granted by John.

He’s an award-winning Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker with a strong focus and commitment to helping his clients in a transparent, informative and efficient manner in both York Region and South Simcoe County real estate markets.

John has been known to be very calming, attentive, resourceful, informative and consistent in delivering a very personable, strategic, and straight forward experience to each and every one of cherished clients that have come to know and trust him.

His business background in residential contracting and commercial property management has him well versed in not only the acquisition, renovation and maintenance of real estate holdings, but also the construction, sales, and management of both residential homes and commercial properties as well as the acquisition and divestiture of small to medium businesses - he’s a well-rounded expert with numerous years of real-life experience in these areas.

When not talking shop, he’s most likely to be found on an adventure of some sort with his young family, reading an autobiography, listening to a podcast, strength training, or standing in front of (his favourite) charcoal grill.

Follow him Instagram and Facebook, or reach out to him directly by calling him at 705-985-SOLD or 416-688-8504, or by email at - he looks forward to hearing from you!